Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tea mapping // Mei Jing // 16 Mar to 30 Mar 2015 // Opening 7-8pm Tues 17 Mar 2015

Mei Jing’s Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) major research project utilises the traditional beverage tea as a medium in which to explore people’s daily life and social relationships. Tea originated in China and spread to other countries through its trade routes. Tea evokes memories of the sights, sounds, scents and taste of the moment.

Mei’s work addresses relationships between tea, jewelry and nature. Mei has made and placed intricately constructed jewelry within public space, choosing sites where her work is camouflaged within the natural environment. Mei has mapped these different locations throughout Melbourne and presents the photographic record of her project. Tea mapping asks audiences to think about their relationship and presence within public space.

Please join Mei, the artist for a traditional Chinese tea ceremony 7-8pm Tues 17 March 2015.  A tradition with a long history the Chinese tea ceremony will share tea tasting techniques while creating a unique way to engage tea with art.
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PS50 is housed within the windows of the RMIT Art in Public Space building 50 on Orr St, Carlton.


Image Mei Jing ©

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