Thursday, 29 January 2015

White Nights // Carolyn Cardinet & Season Poem // Wilson Yeung & Wong Weng // 2 Feb 2015 to 15 Mar 2015

Carolyn Cardinet’s arts project White Nights reflects on the mass production of plastic packaging and the impact single use detritus has on our environment and our future. Her work is a byproduct of human consumption, the stuff we use or are in contact with in our city daily. Discarded packaging lies in our back lanes, overflows from our bins and flies through our city streets, to finally wash up on our seashores. Carolyn’s collects this packaging and creates stunning assembled sculptural works. Carolyn is a graduate of the Master of Fine Art RMIT program.

Season Poem by Wong Weng lo and Wilson Yeung is a kinetic light based installation that evokes the cycle of the four seasons: from Spring, Summer, Autumn through to Winter. Their work has strong connects to Chinese ink painting, Chinese calligraphy and the traditional Chinese scroll.

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PS50 is housed within the windows of the RMIT Art in Public Space building 50 on Orr St, Carlton.

Image left: Wong Weng lo and Wilson Yeung Untitled III, 2014 and right: Carolyn Cardinet Foam bean, 2014 detail © 

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