Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Putting the Public Back into Public Transport - A Journey Through Public Space 30th April- 16th May 2014

Students have been tasked with picking a train line that they have never been on before and traveling on it for thirty minutes. At the thirty-minute mark they must disembark at the next station and explore the local area. The works displayed at PS50 respond to these unknown encounters, documenting a moment or series of events from each individual journey.

Exhibiting students: Julie Barnhill, Eliza Bell, Ellana Bobenko, Rossi Childs, Jay Curtis, Stephanie Cutler, Lauren Di Lorenzo, Brooke Everett, Nicole Goodwin, Henry Henry, Thomas MacAllan, Simon Massey di Vallazza, Josephine Mead, Christiaan Moes, Catherine Motschall, Nina Portail, Kirsty Quinn, Jordan Robertson, Zamara Robison, Kit Scott, Jacqueline Sidney, Anastaszia Ward, Michael Barrett, Courtney Blackney, Chris Dalvean, Emah Fox, Tobias Grice, Maeve Holmes, James Henderson, Alya Khan, Rhys Addinsall, Marek Reid, Aurora van Zoelen Cortes, Christian Vine, Kate Angus, Vishnu Hazell, Larissa MacFarlane, Alexander Morton, James Henderson, Naomi Richmond, Perring Jon, Portail Nina, Storm Smith-Peterson, Monty Ryan.

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