Friday, 11 April 2014

Incidental 9th- 28th April 2014

The Advanced Diploma of Visual Art presents a series of works as 'incidental engagements' at PS50. Students participating in the program have worked individually and in groups to create works that are intended to engage audiences as they wander through the street on their daily journey.

Exhibiting students:
Elizabeth Hooker, Lillian Bell, Gerardo Godinez, Andrea Sinclair, Sayward Barone, William Kosky, Harry Hughes, Caleb Tierney, Katja Povske, Susana Rivas, Bryce Bradbury-Flint, Caitlin Campbell, Angelica Rush, Amy Gray, Miranda Tomlinson, Chris Hearn, Andrea Hughes,Fiona Kennett, Kate Bailey, Jake Clover, Christina Smith & Gab Lewis.

The Advanced Diploma of Visual Art is a new program in the School of Art that offers students the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and knowledge. More information about the program can be found on the RMIT website.

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