Friday, 31 October 2014

Shanghai SkypeLab // RMIT University and East China Normal University // 7 Nov to 1 Dec 2014

Shanghai SkypeLab PS50 exhibiting artists: Esther Konings, Ben Lamason, Susan Rice-Bellman, Sally Richmond, Rose Hawker.

Shanghai SkypeLab
curatorial team: Maggie McCormick (RMIT University, Australia), Henning Eichinger (Reutlingen University, Germany) and Yonglei Ma (ECNU University, China).

Shanghai SkypeLab
is a transcontinental ‘portrait’ of faces and places that maps a specific point in time on the Asian continent: 15-19 September 2014. Shanghai SkypeLab investigates perceptions of identity mediated through Blind Contour Drawing via digital screens. The project was undertaken as the 2014 Art in Public Space field trip in collaboration with the School of Design at East China Normal University in Shanghai.

For more information please visit: SkypeLab2014

PS50 is housed within the windows of the RMIT Art in Public Space building 50 on Orr St, Carlton.


Image Ben Lamason © 

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