Monday, 25 August 2014

The In-between // Julie Andrews // 1 Sept to 1 Oct 2014

RMIT University Master of Art in Public Space student Julie Andrews presents The in-between space: mapping the liminal psychogeography of the everyday, as part of her major research project. Julie’s investigation includes the psychological terrain of the liminal: the in-between space, of the everyday trance, a place for noticing, escaping and contemplation: the move to the world in our heads, the imaginary, and a space from which memories and feeling seduce us.

Julie Andrews (1962, Melbourne, Australia) creates mixed media artworks, painting, drawings, ceramics, glass sculptures, assemblage and video installations. Andrews lives and works as an artist in Bendigo, Central Victoria, and received her Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2012 at Latrobe University, Bendigo and is currently completing a Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) at RMIT.

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PS50 is housed within the windows of the RMIT Art in Public Space building 50 on Orr St, Carlton.

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